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So, hail the flower power!
Lovely and fashion-y!
Flowers as jewellery isn`t a brand new concept, albeit a forgotten one. Flower-adorned Shakuntala of Kalidas while the paintings of this goddesses by Raja Ravi Varma allow it to be quite evident. Flower jewelry is building a comeback and how! Thanks to fashion-forward Bollywood actresses and stylists like Kangana Ranaut (in Queen) and Bipasha Basu (her engagement and mehndi ceremony), floral jewelry is apparently the most suitable choice to go with Kanjivaram and Banarasi! The one-of-their-own-kinds - the maang-teeka, the bands, the earrings and hair musical organization, here is jewellery that doesn`t cost you a king`s ransom or weighs you down using its sheer fat. And of course, the refreshing fragrance that keeps you energetic and cheerful!
Witness the secret of flowers at your workplace!
Researchers have shown that blooms have mood-enhancing properties and competent to trigger feelings that are happy. People, that have flowers around at their workplace have seen lesser mood swings, enhanced social interactions and more efficiency! So, do not await somebody to gift flowers, order yourself for now and beat the Monday blues in a manner that is fragrant!
Home + Love + Flowers = Home
You can be endlessly creative with all the floral decor! It`s the most cost-effective and budget-friendly decor ideas. That you do not also desire a flower bouquet for this but just a couple of fresh flowers to spruce up your home! Shower love and love on a neglected corner of a flower to your living space in a teacup! From your home towards the balcony and entry, the flowers can bring a dash of beauty and nature to your lovely abode!
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2. Flowers with Chocolates
Nothing can be amiable a present while the gift of yummy and sweet chocolates!! And, when it`s you want to complete one thing special, a thing that will sweep that special someone off his feet. Simply want to present a bunch that is beautiful of and fragrant flowers along with some yummy chocolates and it`ll clearly be loved by the recipient.
3. Flowers Bouquet with Cushions
It is an gift that is incredulous reinvigorating that special feeling and add on the love and love that you give anyone. A perfectly designed bouquet with flowers of various types roses that are including carnations, lilies, gerbera will state all of it for you. And, just bring that special message of love by coupling it having a cushion that is embossed with a few heart-winning messages of love.
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